My name is Jesse Robinson, and I am passionate about social justice.  I believe that improving schools is the key lever to give students the life-outcome opportunities that they deserve.  While students are always at the center of my work, I enjoy working with professionals at all levels to help close the achievement gap. 

I began my teaching career as a 5th grade math teacher in the New York City Public Schools through Teach for America. I later went on to help found three charter schools—as a high school math teacher at Downtown College Prep in San Jose, CA, as the Dean of Support Services at Boston Preparatory Charter Public School in Hyde Park, MA, and most recently, as the Dean of Curriculum and Instruction for Math and Science at UP Academy Charter School of Boston in South Boston, MA.  At UP, an in-district, turn-around school, I led the math team to improve their students' proficiency levels from 23% in 2011 to 61% in 2013, and reach the highest Student Growth Percentile of any middle school in the state in 2012. I also led the science team to improve their proficiency from 1% to 51% in two years.

I now support public school district and charter school leaders across the country in building rigorous instructional visions and transitioning their curriculum, assessment and instruction to the Common Core State Standards in mathematics. I hold a B.A. in History from Oberlin College, an M.Ed in Teaching History from Boston College, and an Ed.M in School Leadership from the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

I'm a passionate trail runner and beekeeper based outside of Portland, ME, but I work with programs across the country in person and remotely. Contact me to talk about how we can work together to help your students succeed!