Throughout my years as a teacher and school leader, I've learned that with the right supports and high expectations, all students can learn math at incredibly high levels.  When I was on the team that turned around a chronically underperforming middle school in the heart of South Boston, most people felt that only incremental improvements would be possible when it came to students' math proficiency.  We proved them wrong.  In only two years we saw student math achievement soar from an original 23% proficiency to 61%. 

What I do...

I coach district or network leaders, school leaders, instructional coaches, department leads, and teachers on how to improve the quality of math instruction in a school, network, or district.  

I provide 1:1 coaching, professional development for groups, and strategic data analysis and action planning in the areas of instructional vision and rigor, management and leadership, data-driven instruction, and systematic instructional improvement.

Working with instructional coaches in Springfield, MA.

Working with instructional coaches in Springfield, MA.


I do a wide range of activities to support math leaders. Some of my recent projects include:

  • Writing an instructional playbook for a charter network that will be used for professional development of leaders during summer PD.

  • One-on-one coaching with a new principal on how to provide high-leverage instructional support to his math teaching staff with a diverse set of needs.

  • Supporting the math district leaders of a large urban district to develop strategic goals and follow through on their priorities.

  • Vetting unit plans for kindergarten through 8th grade while supporting the charter management leadership with math strategy and professional development.

  • Coaching a teacher leader through unit revisions to improve student achievement.

One-on-one coaching

One-on-one coaching

Organizations I have worked with or are currently working with...




"Jesse has provided support and coaching for our math team that has led to dramatic academic gains for our students in Kansas City. Jesse’s ability to assess our math department’s needs, align on our school priorities, and provide direct feedback allows our team to have a strong partnership with Jesse. Jesse continually pushes the rigor on our math curriculum while grounding us in the data to determine where we need to push our students. With Jesse’s support, our founding class ranked #1 in 8th grade math in the district on the state assessment."

Hannah Lofthus
Chief Executive Officer
Ewing Marion Kauffman School
Kansas City, MO

"Jesse’s support for me and the school has been vital this year. As a first year principal, I am truly grateful for Jesse for not just supporting me with her expertise in shaping the math department, but her varied experience, input and guidance has allowed me to moved Empower towards becoming an excellent school. Overall, Jesse’s coaching, input and feedback is valuable for not just a new school leader, but for those wanting your students, school and math department to achieve substantial academic gains. I would highly recommend Jesse to anyone seeking guidance to increase student achievement." 

Vu Long Trinh
ACE Empower Academy
San Jose, CA

"Jesse was able to quickly utilize data to help me better target student skill gaps in an efficient and proficient manner. I now have a system through which I am more able to easily process and digest data that I use on a consistent basis to provide my students with targeted interventions. Jesse is easy-going and fun to work with and also holds you to high expectations to be the best you can be for your kids."

Veronica Gentile
6th grade teacher
Boston Preparatory Charter Public School
Boston, MA


"Jesse is an incredibly talented and driven instructional leader.  I have worked with Jesse for over 11 years in a variety of capacities and in each instance I have consistently been impressed with her depth of knowledge of what excellent instruction should look like and her ability to translate that vision effectively so that teachers and other school leaders can build their own knowledge of effective instructional practices.  Jesse's commitment to ensuring that all students, especially those who have most consistently lacked access to a great education, shines through in the quality of work that she does.  As our founding Director of Curriculum and Instruction at UP Academy Charter School of Boston, Jesse's leadership ensured that our students who had been chronically underperforming in math were able to grow at a rate never before seen in state history.  In only one year student math proficiency doubled and our students had the highest growth of any students in the state of Massachusetts.  This achievement is significant and is one due to Jesse's ability to set a vision for a team, coach and inspire them to achieve that vision, and to deeply analyze data and change course as needed over time.  Most recently I've worked with Jesse as we've collaborated to set a clear vision for what culture and instruction need to look like across a network of charter schools in California.  In this role I've seen how Jesse can form collaborative and deep relationships with teachers and school leaders and support them to make significant increases in practice and student achievement.  In addition to her merits as an instructional leader and coach, Jesse is an incredible person.  Highly collaborative, deeply empathetic, and endlessly optimistic, Jesse is a pleasure to work with and is always open to feedback."  

Amanda Gardner
Sr. Advisor, New Schools
Innovate Public Schools
San Jose, CA